Custom Design

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One of my greatest delights is working to create a unique piece of excellent quality and workmanship in colors and textures that reflect your personality or that of the recipient of your gift. The process can involve repurposing an old or damaged piece of jewelry, a found object with sentimental value, or a personal memento to use as the focal point in a new piece. If you have a design in mind, we can work together to bring your idea to fruition. If you have seen something you like, a similar but distinctly different piece can be designed; it will not be copied. An artist’s or designer’s intellectual property rights will be acknowledged and protected.

Use this contact form to discuss a custom design or item personalization; be specific about the basic concept, desired materials and components, and colors to be used. If you have a drawing or picture available, please attach it to this form. A 50% deposit will be required upon acceptance of the design proposal, with final payment due prior to shipment.

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